Relevant Information COVID-19 (Update)

Due to the current conditions of the Epidemiological Indicator of Mexico City, which remains in high levels of contagiousness, local courts, including Civil Courts, have issued a statement in which activities are suspended as from December 7, and until December 15, 2020, enacting that no deadlines and procedural terms will run during that period.

However, considering that on December 16, the second holiday period previously established for local courts and civil courts begins, ending on January 6 2021, these courts will resume activities until January 7, 2021.

However, there is the possibility of submitting briefs from December 7 to December 15, 2020, through a Virtual Office of these courts, in accordance with the “Guidelines for the operation of a virtual office and of the electronic services of effective attention, of the office of common parts”, in the understanding that the briefs filed through this digital means, will be studied by the courts upon as of January 7, 2021.

In case one needs to file a document through this Virtual Office, it is required to have an advanced electronic signature known as FIREL or any other e-signature recognized by Mexican Courts, for the submission of these documents.

OLIVARES will continue to monitor the operation of these courts and their virtual office and will inform you accordingly.

Sergio L. Olivares; Gustavo Alcocer; Alejandro Luna F.; Daniel Sánchez; Abraham Díaz; Armando Arenas


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