Good News! COVID-19. Mexican Patent and Trademark Office (IMPI) Litigious Matters Updat

As we previously informed, in view of the contingency measures adopted to prevent the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, IMPI suspended its normal activities and interrupted terms from March 24 until the Government’s COVID restrictions are lifted.

Government’s COVID restrictions have not yet been lifted. However, a decree issued by IMPI has been published in the Federal Official Gazette and in the Industrial Property Gazette stating the following:

  • As from June 22, 2020, IMPI has started to allow the physical receipt of complaints and all types of motions related to litigious matters.
  • This scheme of receipt has been implemented through a mechanism of assignment of appointments so as to guarantee the corresponding sanitary and safety conditions.
  • The filing date of the complaints and motions will be the first day on which IMPI resumes its normal activities.

Our firm celebrates IMPI’s efforts for allowing the physical receipt of complaints and motions related to litigious matters, and we trust that this scheme will be operating in a proper manner.

We will keep monitoring and informing regarding any updates.


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